We’ve redesigned our app, turned it into a NEW SPORT!

Enter tournaments and championships in Smart Egg Speedsolving.

Solve the Digital Eggs! Train and compete!

Smart Egg Speedsolving

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Enter the Egg, drive the wand through the labyrinth – find your way and compete with time to collect wands and unlock the next Tower. Go through each, become as fast as you can. You’ll soon be ready to compete!

  • 12 Egg designs, each with several Towers
  • New Towers from easy to very tricky
  • New tricks to learn as you advance – push/pull the wand, go ahead no matter the obstacles
  • Online toplist in Speedsolving version – your results get in the toplist, visible to all, filter for local, national or international results
  • Enter competition, challenge other gamers
  • Physical awards to win in championships
  • Ranks to earn through speed solving results
  • Egg timer with video recording feature

Have fun with the Digital Smart Eggs!