Smart Egg Competition at the Rubik’s Cube Hungarian Open, September 19-20, 2015, Budapest, Hungary

Record in speedsolving Groovy, Jester and Skull in a row:


Record set by Szabolcs Balázsi (Hungary)

Solve Groovy, Jester and Skull in a row, be fast enough and win Black Dragon as the 1st, Red Dragon as the 2nd or Blue Dragon as the 3rd prize!




  • We have chosen 3 Eggs from the 1-layer series for the speedsolving competition – Groovy, Jester and Skull – competitors will have to solve these in row.
  • You can register to the competition at the Smart Egg desk, your time will be measured there as well.
  • Qualification Round starts on Saturday.
  • Smart Egg Final will take place on Sunday before the 3x3x3 Final. You can do your qualification attempts until 2 hours before the final.
  • Every competitor will have 5 official attempts in the Qualification Round, the best time will be considered.
  • 8 competitors qualify for the Final.
  • Every finalist will have 3 attempts, the best time will be considered.

Day 2

Day 1

(Photos: Péter Agócs)