1-Layer Collection: Starter Series


Egg, wand and 3D labyrinth inside

  • Enter the Egg with the wand at one end (top or bottom)
  • Find the way through the Egg: drive-push-pull the wand through the labyrinth
  • Exit on the other end – that’s how you solve the puzzle!

Difficulty levels:

  • 3 – 15 in Starter Series (more to come with levels up to 99)
  • 8 – 28 moves to solve

Each design a different labyrinth

First 6 Eggs: Easy to Learn, Good to Play

  • The first 6 are quite simple, but each has a new trick. Go step by step and you’ll soon be real good!
  • Solve the Eggs from both ends, each solution feels different
  • Do your own tricks: solve with one hand, blindfolded or without touching the wand


Level: I-03
Moves: 8
What else?

  • It’s the simplest
  • You can quickly reach “nearly” the end, than you’ll stop.
    Some say first that there’s no solution – give it a few minutes and you’ll find it.
  • The design of this Egg has been modified, previous design was Groovy Love (only a few 1000 pcs made)



Level: I-04
Moves: 13
What else?

  • Hive was one of our first Eggs.
  • There’s an invalid route left in the Labyrinth. Hope you’ll find this path too, after solving Hive correctly for several times.


Level: I-04
Moves: 13
What else?

  • Jester reminds us of the famous “Fabergé Eggs”.
  • Solution starts simply, but there’s a small trick in the middle.
  • Its design has been changed, only a few 1000 pcs made with the previous design.


Level: I-07
Moves: 15
What else?

  • One of the most popular Eggs!
  • The only Egg that has 2 correct solutions. Find both!


Level: I-08
Moves: 15
What else?

  • Entrance and exit of  the labyrinth are not too easy. You’ll have to work on it a bit!


Level: I-09
Moves: 21
What else?

  • It’s the most difficult Egg among the first 6. You have to be open-minded to find the solution!
  • Practice a lot to reach the official speed solving World Record for this Egg: 2.58 sec
    The record was achieved by Iuri Grangeiro Carvalho (Brazil) at the Smart Egg Competition, July 17-19, 2015 (at the Rubik’s Cube World Championship, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    Check it out here!
  • This Egg has a different design for Japan and it’s called Hipno:


6 New Eggs: Get Ready for the 2-Layer Eggs

  • More difficult, more complex moves
  • Lots of things happen inside the Eggs, new tricks in each
  • Challenging for adults too!
  • BUT: each Egg can be solved in 10-20 min.


Level: I-10
Moves: 20
What else?

  • Be careful when you think you nearly finished the labyrinth! The tail of the Scorpion might cause difficulties.


Level: I-11
Moves: 22
What else?

  • Some people think this is the most difficult of the 1 Layer Eggs. If you want to solve it, forget linear thinking!


Level: I-12
Moves: 23
What else?

  • Only a few holes and paths lead to the outside. The wand needs to move a lot inside the Egg!


Level: I-13
Moves: 27
What else?

  • If you’re not open to try out “crazy” routes, you’ll never solve this Egg. There are some really surprising ways you have to move the wand!


Level: I-14
Moves: 27
What else?

  • Large crosses of routes (spider web). Very easy to stuck in!


Level: I-15
Moves: 28
What else?

  • Many of our testers were not able to solve this Egg in 30 minutes. Be ready to think out of the box, and you’ll find the solution!